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no folk no go

no folk no go

so it was once a bucket list place I and my mother said we would like to go to years ago when I was a kid. But guess who stole that from me? just guess. THE SLUT COUZ. now my mother and I said we would't go there ever seeing the queen of Nofuck isles is there cowing around with her bullshit and druggy whore violent arrested perminantly drugged dragqueen daught-snorter.

They do drugs and sell and trade in sex trafficking and illegal guns etc there. Someone will die of food poisoning there and drunk slutz drunk mother will have to bail them out of the bailey again after he has had her face up in cow shit like her insane great granny went 2 sides that is were mentally institutionalized and the others were locked up in jail for criminal hard violent crime.

This whores kids will be hookers and druggies as already been arrested a dozen times and loves to lie, shop lift, drug and violent and driving underage and whoring, whoring, whoring.

sorry this is such a sad rant but for a family of pedos and bashing bitches and bullies they made their money pimping other women, rapes on tapes and go only else knows at their horny whore brothel orgie parties all on drugs. They bashed and bopped their tops around everywhere. Snarl is like paparoni, and hurls is like nannacrustyroztrotts.(pimp druggy pusher gangster namses) and they are ugly. Preggers again and dumping a new kid in the cow shit so you have time to roll around in the pigs mud and have a bull fuck you out then cronnies?

if ever there was a family who deserved to die a bad way its them. and fuck off out of my guys way and stop stealing in on my guys. you and carls have pi-pi knot dog macca hey you roasted him already via paproni demon hey?

I will get you for this and you should suffer. life stealer. dream stealer, man stealer.

I hope you lose all your money and end up so down in your ass there are skids everywhere down the mental ward hospital where they murder you in a jail for the rape of me and all the abuse and bullying and threats and fear your family put into others. and enjoy your brothel and drug n guns illegal run. want them dead dead dead. all of them save the earth of their bitter jealous games and stealing.
she done! Miscellaneous September 14, 2019 at 6:48 pm 0
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I never seen or heard them say it was a bucket list place of holiday for them and look what they have done stealing dreams and always stealing scum. oh I want to see them dead so bad. so bad. so bad. because they are bad.
said then 5 months ago
well let them rot in the shit they are in then. you should stay away from people like that. you deserve better then them.
wgcatchit 5 months ago
I will be don't worry I won't go there. all my friends tell me people only go there to die. no girl over 12 is a virgin there. They are all inbreds and crazy. no night life infact no life at all. I am not jealous. I just don't like my cousins little slut daughter abusing me. I have had enough of that 12 or now 14 year old whore drug addict gun shooting tooting bitckhog swine swill porno star in my way. she has been jealous of me stalking me and I want to report her for fucking a man over there who is 24 and all the family from her mother, father, step father, her grandmother and a women who with some somoho sports group know she has a mental disease called oppositional defiant disorder, bipola, schitzophrena and manic with a multiple personality disorder of about 3 to 4 people inside her and she will gain weight just from breathing with those drugs, doing hard drugs and stealing cars and shop lifting and porn online for money and she will be a harded druggy by any old time soon with stds from multiple sex with groups of men and live animals on farm and cops pick her up. child services need to put her in a prison for kids or something because she has caused me pain stalking me and bullying me online and at home, her mother, and her grandfather did the same thing and worse to me. He sexually assaulted and threated to bash me. They just never care who they hurt to win at all costs. and that money they have will all go for sure. that milking **** they have going will bankrupt them all when someone gets food poisoning. and that kid will cause more problems yet. She will be some local nig drug gun gangsters mol if not already over there. she is on the way out of life. smoking crack and ice and xtc stuff will kill her. I see her leaving home in a few months and she will end up a hooker in a mobsters joint with a dozen kids by 21 in some govt rental dumb hole she will never get out off too much too young.
89898989898 5 months ago
she sounds like as a teen she is jealous of you as a real woman and trying to cut your self worth sexually but dont let her because she is just a child and will harm herself more and more trying to be adult. Your way above her level. She sounds like a bastard bitchy child from a bitchy slut sleazebag bully drunken mother and grandmother if they let her drug and drink and have sex with a adult man so young. He could go to jail for that. She could end up in trouble for it too. She is jealous of you being an adult woman and can have sex while she is a try hard tree cubby house dyko pschyo. any man that wants her deserves the shit that goes with being with her and jail.
senso 5 months ago
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