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Privacy is an inalienable right

Privacy is an inalienable right

I can't comprehend how some people feel they have the right to snoop in your phone or to look through your emails... Being nosy and is the least attractive quality a person can possess; and it usually goes hand in hand with stupidity. It goes hand-in-hand with the mindset of a gossip; not enough going on upstairs to merit a relationship.

I knew this horrid woman who was born premature; she was a real nutcase.. Suspicious because she saw herself in other people. Disgusting really. I have a relative who looks through people's phones. She was reasonably intelligent years ago, but she destroyed her body living on processed blueberry muffins.. She went from being sort of annoying to a total psychotic wretch.

What goes through people's minds when they behave like that? I have been mildly tempted to do it at times; when someone was blatantly lying and it was obvious. I never have; I've never even bothered questioning them further. I just stopped telling them anything.

I don't care if the government spies on me; some people go on and on about how we're all being watched. I have nothing to hide; but I am a private person. I am biased; but I am a very fair judge of character. I see weakness and emptiness in people who behave like that. We all have a different form of emptiness to varying degrees; I think mine requires me to officially disown a few people. There are always more people; why waste your energy on ones who make you sick?
Honest Relationships May 22, 2018 at 12:54 am 0
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my ex friend hangs out at the capalaba bowls club and rsl cleveland in qld and she loves this guy called tommy who plays guitar there. she is such a bitch. she has told me she wants him to fuck her and have a bang up, as she puts it. I just would love to see her cop a melt down rejection by tommy and him show off his new model wife / hired model girlfriend for all I care, just to make her feel inferior like she did to me and she put her hand up to bash me at thiland and she is violent to her who will knock her block off and have them romantically dance right in front of my friend who annoys tommy all the time, she offers him loans and grabs his collar and hat and waist and flirts with him. I just would like to see her crushed to know how it feels. Does she know how it feels to be bashed by a lesbian over a guy as well? she could learn from that. I think all women really should!

I want tommy to know her daughter is a child abuser and my ex friend allowed her grandkiddies to drink alcohol in those clubs and I just want to see them all fall down.

for the sake of a lovely dear soul leana! she hurt me badly over so many men while she was married and I feel I have to talk to my ex friends brother and daughter about how abusive roz really is. I just need to talk to them. I feel sorry for them.
l 5 months ago
If someone is abusing children you report it. Children have a right to a safe home; gossiping about it doesn't do any good!

Talking about shit doesn't get anything done. I am murderously against Narcs; but if someone is damaging a child who doesn't know better and can't defend itself..... Somebody deserves to burn. Fucked up kids end up becoming fucked up adults who hurt people; It's sad as fuck; easy to prevent though.

I feel ya. I wouldn't be against seeing the villain disappear. (more effective than gossip and being a narc) but that is a ballgame for people who don't gossip and who wouldn't get themselves arrested by bragging. (also idle speech.. everyone needs to watch what they say more often than not.
Honest 5 months ago
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