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This is to the boy that I am in love with. I know you say that you love me and you always remind me how beautiful I am and how I am so perfect to you. Honestly though, those words aren't enough. You always go out everywhere with other people but you don't even try to include me. When I need you you don't show up and your very hard to reach. When you make plans you don't really talk to me about anything ahead of time you just do it and you don't even care how I would feel about it. When your going through things, you never talk to me and let me know how your feeling. You just push me away or don't contact me for days or even weeks. As someone you claim to want a future with and grow with you don't confide in me much. You only seem me when its convenient for you because if I was to ask to see you you always say you cant but when you ask and I say no your like oh so you don't wanna see me and I don't think that's right. This is a one sided relationship since I am always putting way more effort than you do and its not what I want anymore. I am not happy anymore.
anonymous Relationships August 25, 2020 at 11:05 pm 1
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tell this to him please.
anonymous 2 months ago
love is a complete waste of energy. just don't go down that rabbit hole.
dww2 2 months ago
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