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vivid dream of cheating on boyfriend

so, I had a weird dream last night and its been really bugging me, in it I cheated on my boyfriend of 4 years with a friend of his ( which I've only ever had two conversations with).
Like we were at his house like during a small gathering and they had all left to get drink and it was just me and his friend and we were talking and then sorta flirting then all of a sudden we were making out, and then my boyfriend walked in looking shocked and I don't remember much else but the details i gave were all so vivid and its freaking me out.
Worse part is I know this friend would be up to fuck me as my boyfriend told me cause the friend told him, and i told my boyfriend that that would never happen and then dream me fucked it up and its really messing with me cause that's all i can think about.
I really just want to see people opinions on this, and what you think i should do
anonymous Relationships May 12, 2019 at 9:37 am 2 82

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Had a similar dream like yours.

Differene is, i saw my wife kissing someone i know in highschool.

They just like, they know i was looking and they just keep doing it.

I know my wife wont cheat on me in real life, but in my dreams? I dont know, im confuse.
DiRK 9 months ago
Fuck him, you want to anyways
Cossette 7 months ago
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