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a global pandemic is the best time to be leaving state and threatening to leave you and your sister with your mom if you don't come. so my dad did and we arrive at the hotel and god its beautiful till I realize where am I supposed to sleep. since I feel really not comfortable sleeping next to my sister cause we arent 12 anymore and its weird so I decided to sleep on the floor which I asked like a few times if i could borrow a blanket to sleep on which the answer was no. so sleep time rolls around and turns out being a bigger guy makes it pretty uncomfy to sleep. sleeping facedown feels like im slowly suffocating, on the side hurts my side, and my back i cant sleep on it at all. that's when I thought id sleep in the tub, I cant its like the worse type of hotel bathroom where the tub could fit maybe to pails of water before being full. so im a little pissed now cause its nearly 2 am and im in a tub with two pillows, my body aches and I might break into the next door hotel since its joint roomed and empty.
Axel Miscellaneous May 02, 2020 at 2:00 am 0 1

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