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mould on walls

I just used some mould killer and its like a bleach spray and it made my eyes and nose burn and I had to open windows and get out of the way of the strong smell. I tried everything on the mould walls and ceiling in the bathroom and nothing works for long. no wonder we are sickly. what's more cancerous the mould or the bleachy mould killer? this house was built in the 1960s-70s ad its a crappy shitty old house that was made from shit bits by a builder building his own shithouse from cheap left over materials from jobs. the wanker didn't have a clue of what the fuck he was doing and now we been left with this heap of shit that should be demolished and new one built on the land. govt should help people in the situation its a health danger.
anonymous Miscellaneous July 29, 2018 at 10:33 pm 0 15

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u got to use a good mask when you use bleach
anonymous 1 year ago
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