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I don't really understand what the heck is going on with me. I'm sad, angry, numb, anxious, and a slue of other feelings. Plus, I'm super confused on how I feel about certain people. I like this one guy. Like I really really like him. But I also like these other 2 guys. Not as much as the first guy, But, I still like them none the less. Well, one is more of a crush and the other is the one I like. On top of that, one of my female friends might like me. I've thought about dating her once before, but I don't know. She doesn't seem like the kind of person that I would date. Plus I always her talking about guys. I don't think that she'd be happy with me. But she was acting really really weird the other and even smacked my phone when I confronted her about it. It was honestly odd. I also think I might be transgender. I don't know. I'm super confused about that too. Sometimes I feel like it would be more natural to have a penis. My gender assigned at birth is female. But I often feel more comfortable in male's clothing and feel like I'd be more comfortable if I had a penis. I also don't really like my body. I don't want breasts anymore. That could be apart of it. I'm not disgusted by them, but I really don't freaking like them. They're extremely uncomfortable and I want them completely gone. I don't like having a Vagina either. Maybe I am transgender? I don't really know for sure. Life is so confusing and I'm not in a very good place at the moment. Did I also mention that I might be a borderline Sociopath? Yeah, I did some research on it and I have some of the traits. That's always fun. I have no intent to harm anyone, but I am pretty apathetic, I'm narcissistic, I lie a lot, I'm intelligent, I don't do good socially, and I have an extremely hard time understanding emotions, so I fake some. I'm confused and hate life at the moment.
Nope Miscellaneous October 22, 2019 at 9:58 pm 1
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