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When searching possible troubleshooting efforts from the Device's Manufacturer :
Power Issues, No Boot, Plugged in getting Battery Error Notifications, .... on and on....etc,
On the list of things to try to fix it myself here's what I find after I read on about the similar problems and ran into this "GEM" planted right below the list of MIGHT BE ISSUES to select from as I waste no time and continue to "READ ALL ABOUT IT" in the section of troubleshooting diagnostics to try, that as you know if I've posted here...... was ANYTHING BUT BELONGING TO ANY PART of a so-called "RESOLUTION" as far as TECHNOLOGICAL COMMON SENSE went.
I have to wonder as I most certainly often do and daily, just what the Hell do these people have time to do all day, while I am trying to work on the SPECIFIC ISSUES that cause USERS the most headaches and frustrations with these contraptions?
...and...... WTF IS THIS!?

|Cause information is not available.|

NOT AVAILABLE? I'm Sorry, A big giant Wow, to you and your technical department PLEASE TRANSFER ME TO SOMEONE WHO MIGHT HAVE A THEORY about your product!

I mean, I don't claim to be the most top notched technical genius but...really? I don't believe this lame short cut answer for a nano second. I believe the builders of this technological system KNOWS EXACTLY what the CAUSE is ....or well OK, perhaps the main person that designed it no longer works there and has taken ALL THE VITAL INFORMATION of HOW IT WORKS, and no one thought to save a backup copy of it in order to better serve those who have to deal with it going forward! Good grief. Never mind....I know It will take longer than necessary but eventually, I will fix it myself.
Marilyn Miscellaneous February 17, 2024 at 8:05 am 0
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You're so wrong and I'm so making a fool of myself. I swear this real world will be the death of me.

p.s. Please don't construe this reply as an acknowledgement that I read more than the title of your rant.
anonymous 2 months ago
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