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Bullying over the top writers who are narcissists

Bullying over the top writers who are narcissists

Some know it all would be over the top liberal bully writes an arrogant, dense article. You know these articles well as they’re everywhere. Non-sensical, arrogant, bullying female or strange poser guy with an ax to grind.

It’s all about them telling you what you should do and if you don’t, these narcissistic frauds will cry on twitter or go on YouTube and bully. I’m liberal but not off the deep end, brain dead, bullying, fake online ones like the writer of that Forbes article.

A proud fat, Jewish chick named Nat that assumes if you’re not on social media you’re a snob. Ever come across anyone like this? This girls attitude screams millennial or generation Zzzzzz. Take a at Wi-Fi or a celllhone and they crumble. Not my business so do not tell me mine.

I’m not on social media because it’s too negative, fake, unemotional, toxic and depressing yet because I’m not on there I’m an idiot? Hey dolly, I was but it became too toxic because of people like you. It’s like the hypocritical vegans that only Evan e them to lose weight and big because they love animals. Enough!

Mind your own business and dong over liberal-fy things because you’re an arrogant girl or a whatever you are. So I’m a snob because I’m sick of negative idiocy? I just had had enough and I was on there. It’s normal to quit and live your life.

Grow up doll face and stop writing for salon, Forbes, rolling stone and medium who are some of the worst culprits of all things fraud.
Ike Miscellaneous January 21, 2023 at 11:46 am 0
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Fix the typos man. Will give the people you hate ammo as pathetic as that is. I feel ya. They drive me nuts too. They’re hypocrites and babies aka kids without sense. Natalie. I know her. She’s a joke .
Larry 1 year ago
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