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Evil Woman

California is full of rude people. At Starbucks, there is a teen girl in a white shirt who is being extremely rude to people. She has no manners. Fuck that evil asshole.
anonymous Miscellaneous October 29, 2018 at 6:47 am 2
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Anyone who dislikes this is evil and an asshole like that girl. I feel sorry for you.
anonymous 5 months ago
yah, tat is why beatrice or trixie as I call her would be well suited to that male pussywhipp jeffree star. what a humping couple they would make. she more man and he more woman. wow.
anonymous 5 months ago
trixi likes black man. she will go completely for a different type like a asian royal or a arab royal because she will need the money.
anonymous 5 months ago
You're pathetic. Everyone is how they are; and you are clearly a loser

repeatedly commenting on your own post lolol. Get a life tool; or take your meds
VoiceOReason 5 months ago
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