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Just another average day in retail hell

Just another average day in retail hell

I work in a large major city (Toronto) at a busy retail store (Shoppers Drug Mart).

Today, a couple annoying things happened worth mentioning:

Clearly drugged out couple yelling at each other from across the store, the woman crying and the guy calling her crazy and saying, "why are you crying?! Are you f*cking crazy? What is wrong with you". She frantically looks for toilet paper, it's late (11 pm and the store closes at 12 am due to covid) so the shelves aren't stocked too well until the next morning. They're talking/yelling at each other from across the store the entire time that the guy is at my register impatient. The store is pretty crowded and people are staring. They are clearly drugged out - I can tell (having lived on the edge in the past - but never behaving quite like that), plus from their worn out faces, anyone could tell. Guy leaves yelling at her that he'll be in the car and yelling that she can wait in line. This went on for 10 solid minutes.

Prissy 19 year old or so chick with fake nails (about a quarter of the females who come in have them, I'm not really judging, but at the same time I am, they tend to have similar personality traits - aka bitchy) doesn't say anything - I'm required to say hi, want a bag, do you have a points card, thank you - to which she doesn't say anything and says at the end (after I cashed her out and gave her free bags) something incoherent. The bags are all one sizes, she rips out the plastic bags I have in my hands that I accidentally pulled off (extra), and ties it to make a makeshift handle for her stupid toilet paper. Lol. And storms out. Smh. Rude much? Pay for that biatch. I would have made it difficult for her, but I didn't want to interact with her further. Not worth it.

Eggs are on sale for $2, max 2 cartons a person. A guy comes with 10 of them, complains that the price isn't right, I explain the policy. Huge line as he's arguing. He reasons that he can just pretend that the rest aren't for him, he can just go to another register, etc. I tell him, it's policy and I'm not going to do it for him. Smh. I have to void all the transactions then he asks for the basket of returns (the rest of the eggs that he didn't purchase then). I give it to him and he goes to self checkout.

My supervisor repeatedly and firmly announces on the P.A. system that the store will be closing at midnight 5 minutes prior and about every minute after that, urging the customers to head to the registers. Big old lady comes with a cart LOADED with sh*t right at midnight. The register signals to me that the store is closed, I need to card out. I am not staying for that crap. I walk away shrugging and telling her, well go to the self checkout, I see the overnight coworker coming to my/her register, tell the big lady that she'll handle it after the big lady yells, "where are you going?! SOMEONE'S got to help me, someone HAS to check me out". Um, yeah if it were up to me, I would have said that the store is closed, you had enough of a warning, too bad too bloody late. As I leave the store 10 minutes later through the front, I can see that the big lady is one of those nit picky ass people who complain and nitpick about every single item they chose, making sure that it is the price that THEY deem fit. Thank god I did not have to deal with that. I felt bad for my coworker.

Crazy guy/maybe he's just mentally ill.. brings two Monster energy cans to my cash, very very hyper. I suspect drugs tbh. He says, "HUH! I GOT THE BUG! THOSE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE 2 FOR 5" or something, then proceeds to persist that he now gets to get them for a PENNY. Lol um what??? In what world? He says that that is the policy of stores everywhere. Yeah, as if. My coworker luckily ended up taking him and has to call up merchandising and have them explain or something along those lines. It was busy and I couldn't pay attention the entire time. But he was ranting for a full on 15 minutes that he is deserved to get those for a penny. Goes on to say that he's so excited to catch errors in all the stores.

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