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I have two friends I'm close with, I'm going to call them A and B. Both of them are great. I enjoy spending times with them. It just that A is kinda obsessed with B and only focusing on B. Meanwhile B, I don't know about her. I don't think B realises the favouritism. Whenever B is with us all A will do is talking to B and ignores me. They always messaging each other and when we hang out together they still talking about what they were messaging without me knowing the context. Recently, it is rare for B to hang out with us and we all just hang out together with other friends. But the things is A always mention B's name, B is this and B is that. It becomes annoying now. I don't know if A considered me as a close friend at this point. Even if we were both talking just me and A. A always mentions B's name. I think if one day I disapear from their lives they won't even notice it. I keep telling myself that they are my friends and I am okay but it's hard to lie to myself that I'm okay with this treatment.
anonymous Friends October 14, 2020 at 3:27 am 0
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Hey, I feel you. It's going to be okay. The same thing is happening to me too. Keep your head up okay?
if you wanna talk my snap is: Replaced.evelyn

Eva 1 month ago
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