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Moneymaking amp good lifestyle over sex entertainm

Moneymaking amp good lifestyle over sex entertainm

I wish I would have lived a proper life where sexual curiosities would have never cropped up in my mind.

I wish I would have never internally felt the need to resolve crisises in sexual affairs of life and been able to stay reasonably ignorant of them because I've done more harm than good when discussing sex, nudity, sexual politics, sexual values, sexual morals, and disjoint sexual anatomy affairs.

After 20, There was almost never a time where my discussions produced favorable results that would benefit others because people need a physical security and goodness rather than conversation.

I wish there would have been a multitute of immutably super strong internal forces at work inside me that kept my mind in a good reasonably ignorant utopia bubble and free of the need to academically resolve disparities in our society's sexual affairs.

In this world it's more noble to live and die as a sexless rich virgin that was never considered as a sexual harasser than to live and die as a poor sexually harassing shameful person that is addicted sexual entertainment and creates a wake of poverty and anguish.
anonymous Relationships December 01, 2018 at 9:11 am 0
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So, the manifesto of a sexually-desperate wanker.

Did something happen to you as a child? I don't want to know! This little soliloquy of yours makes it clear you're too much of a faggy creep for anyone to bother with... and I'm not the sort of person who accepts money to listen to fatties cry
YourDad 5 months ago
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