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Obesity is beautiful

Obesity is beautiful

Why is being unhealthy beautiful? How is self-destructive eating a "livestyle choice"? Anyone past 30 sorta gets a pass; women who have had kids kind of do... but not really. Cooking is not hard! Get some canned veggies you like and dump them in a pot; add a bit of meat.

What is so difficult about moderation? Why can't people control themselves? I am the furthest thing from shallow. Everyone has value to someone; it takes a fool to expect everybody to appreciate every shit they take. It should not be accepted; only in "the western world" are people dishonest in a weak attempt to be kind.

If your gut is hanging out over your pants; walk more! Stop stuffing your gob with fast food! If you're in a hospital bed ordering pizzas; REEVALUATE YOUR LIFE!! Obesity makes you retarded. Google it. It is a real thing. Fat people are fucking weak stupid wretched creatures and quite frankly; they all deserve the illness they caused themselves.

Oh but they all have a thyroid disease... nahh it's glandular. It is an addiction to bullshit!! The endorphins released are so minimal that they have to stuff their gobs to get their high. They are the lowest creatures on the earth and SHOULD NOT BE ACCEPTED. They should get slapped around by society until they get thin.

It is not hard to change your diet; eat bland food for a month and your sense of taste will return. You don't need ranch dressing on everything! Stop using so much salt!! You can't taste anything because you are a moron. Fucking disgusting
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the problem is that there are too many fat people telling other fat people that fat is beautiful. I agree with people that people a little overweight should not be body shamed. BUT OBESE PEOPLE SHOULD.
anonymous 1 year ago
Obese people should pay double for health care and airline tickets since they force the rest of us to pay more with their unhealthiness and fatness
anonymous 1 year ago
OP I agree completely with both of you lol. Chubby is fine but, seeing my gluttonous aunt cry because the seatbelt didn't fit; and seeing the poor dude next to her have to lean away cuz she is a lardass...

Healthy people need to unite and fix this menace to society! Honesty should prevail
Honest 1 year ago
Stop pretending for a moment that you actually give a shit about the health of obese people. The sight of them offends you and your fragile egos. That's what its all about. You'll only be happy if only all obese people would suicide. That's what you want isn't it? For them to either conform or kill themselves? Shut the fuck up you obnoxious hoes.
anonymous 1 year ago
OP They are horrific to look at... but I care bout everyone. I am am empathetic person; stop projecting your apathy on others.

It is a disease and it goes untreated because of acceptance. In many other cultures they will tell someone they're fat; it's a better motivator than enabling someone's condition.

Clearly you have an obesity problem; instead of accepting yourself, perhaps you should accept you have a problem and grow up. I do hope you help yourself! My favorite uncle died of heart failure at 60 :( He was a big eater! His family had no concept of nutrition. He was 10x the person most people could be; but he had a problem. He had a problem. (He doesn't conform to 'the fast-food fatties,' He worked his ass off until right before passing.

So yeah; another 2 cents for you to shove
Honest 1 year ago
No it is not a disease, though it can be caused by diseases or medications. Half the time it’s not even the food so much as a sedentary lifestyle. Anyone will put on weight if they don’t move much. But a lot of overweight people won’t go out for a walk. You know why? Because even walking down the street they get bullied by prissy bitches like you who think their shit don’t stink. You’re part of the problem. Again stop pretending that you care. You are just offended at the way they look. Thing is, it’s their life to live. I won’t say it’s beautiful because it’s not, but if they’re comfortable with it then that’s their choice. You sound like one of those nutball religious folk going around trying to “save” everyone. But really it’s all about your ego. If overweight people need saving, it’s from people like you. If you can’t acccept them as they are then leave them alone.
anonymous 1 year ago
Yeah they have a problem all right. YOU!!!!!!
anonymous 1 year ago
You're a nasty bitch and a skanky hoe
only good for making a cup of joe
You only exist to criticize
Nothing is ever good enough in your eyes
You're the queen demoness of the block
The leader of the flock
You say you like them ponies
But at the end of the day you hang with yer cronies
You play a good game, cards all in
Thinking each day you're stacking another win
You really just a loser who likes to make others suffer
You target those who don't have a protective buffer
You pick on the weak, thinking it makes you strong
You can never admit when you're in the wrong
That's why you're a nasty bitch and a skanky hoe
only good for making a cup of joe

anonymous 1 year ago
I am overweight woman in my 40s and I hate it. My doctors give little support to my weight loss goals and just want to pump me with anti-depressants and I am sure if I got a fuck and a romance with a man I liked and some work I would get thinner and feel beautiful. The lie is that fat women eat and don't exercise and are lazy and its not true. Plus to work or study means less workout time unless going to a real campus or workplace and doing a job that makes you move all day. what do you want a health body or healthy mind or both takes a lot of work and please Blame the doctors.
healthyminded 1 month ago
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